Here we see a gorgeous selection of our wonderful dogs at their best - at speed

Alex Cobb McGill's Madge has a moment (or two!) of madness at the SE Trials 2011.
Wendy Ridley's Hugo in his Bronze test in 2015.
Alison Burgess' Tally in 2009.
And here goes Alex Cobb McGill's Madge again!
Alison Burgess' Tally in 2009.
Miranda Purves' Splash in 2010.
Lisa Jane Niemy's Splosh in 2005.
Mary Kinsey's William in 2009.
Avril Pluck's Spin in 2011.
Matt Cox's Rodney in 2011.
Alison Burgess' Abbie in 2004.
Robert Tapson's CoDot in 2010.
Julie Swindells' Daisy in 2011.
Kelly Evans' Disco in 2005.
Anne Dickens' Munin in 2005.
Chris Cleland's Fonzi in 2007.
Donna Beaumont's Erin in 2008.
Maura Reade's Levi in 2010.
Celia Gilbert's Poppy at home...
... and Poppy again (rt) with her new pal Harley.