Various BCDS branded clothing items are on sale

You can now purchase official BCDS clothing direct from Creative Wear. Go to Creative Wear web site to order.

All clothing carries the BCDS logo Hoodie.jpg T-shirt.jpg

All money raised from the sale of this merchandise will go towards the running of the Trials.

|} Click here to see David Taylor sporting a carriage dog cap at one of his driving trials

David and Denise Taylor wearing BCDS Polo Shirts at the 2006 Trials

Notelets on sale now

An example of one of the notelets

Pack of ten notelets. Five designs in each pack. Two ridden and three driven. Line drawings specially commissioned from artist Joy Claxton. On sale in packs of ten for £1.00 per pack plus 60p p&p (80p for three packs). To download examples of all four designs click here