Fenix Carriages - National Trials Principle Sponsor


As well as building fine carriages, Mark Broadbent of Fenix Carriages drives horses and owns a Dalmatian.

He has supported the trials with generous sponsorship every year since they started. This support was critical to enable the trials to get off the ground - and to become the success they are now.

At the 2007 national Trials, both competitors in the Gold Carriage Dog class drove Fenix built vehicles.

The trials are highly cost and labour intensive. It is remarkable how much time and effort goes into an event for such a relatively small number of dogs. However, the ambition of the British Carriage Dog Society to continue to represent the Dalmatian as an intelligent, well behaved, working dog, and to demonstrate its coaching heritage, makes all the effort worthwhile.

Thanks go to Fenix for helping to make it happen.