2015 NATIONAL CARRIAGE DOG TRIALS. With grateful thanks to Anne Hurst and Mike Cleland for the photos.

Hugo was the only Silver level qualifier this year in the Silver Carriage Dog (Groom Handler) class. He also won Best Conditioned Dog. Here he is at axle with Mandy Hawley driving her warmblood pair Jen and Juncher.
Benson at the axle - the only dog this year to qualify at Gold level - with Sue Beaman and Dawn Tebbett driving Belle who won Best Conditioned Horse.
Mike and Chris Cleland's young dog Dixie won the Bronze Carriage Dog class, with a delighted Mike handling.
Trude Phillips' rescue dog Blue tries for Bronze Carriage Dog. She's had him a very short time and the distractions were too much for him this year - but they had fun and he'll be back next year to try again.
Josi Kaal's Celsie passed her Silver Carriage Dog Certificate. This is the trials obedience test without the endurance element.
Caroline Hicks' Finn came second in his class to qualify as a Bronze Carriage Dog.
Bob Graham's Polly in the hock exercise to win the Bronze Road Dog class; Bob rides Duke.
Sasha shows a turn of speed in her obedience test running alongside Monty (loaned by Ali Rummey) and ridden by Lisa Rowledge.
Vicky Brennan, this year's only whip handler, with Gemma in the axle exercise; Vicky drove Elma her Fell pony to a Fenix Flyer.
Josi Kaal's Lemmie at the backstep. Lemmie was a bit distracted - by the distraction dog! - at this year's trials in his Bronze Carriage Dog class, but he'll be back to try again. I think the cheeky look on his face says it all don't you!
Benson gets a well deserved hug and kiss from his owner Sue Beaman after qualifying as a Gold Carriage Dog and winning the Best Rescue award. Another dog for the Gold Gallery.
Mike Cleland proudly displaying his winning rosettes and trophy won by Dixie who was first in the Bronze Carriage Dog class.
Winner of the Best Conditioned Dog award and qualified Silver Carriage Dog, Wendy Ridley's Hugo.
Here is Lisa Rowledge riding Monty (loaned by Ali Rummey) with Sasha, just starting out on the endurance course after passing her Bronze Road Dog test.
Winner of the Best Conditioned Dog award and qualified Silver Carriage Dog, Wendy Ridley's Hugo at the mid-point vetting station with Mandy Hawley's KWPN pair Jen & Juncher patiently waiting to be off for the next 20kms.
Our judge this year was Celia Gilbert riding Alison Burgess's cob Jacko.
The lovely BCDS Trophy Table.

Sue Beaman's Benson working with Desi and Kipling in tandem driven by Fiona Powell at Sandringham. What a special sight to see these three lovely animals all in step!

SPOTTED IN WESSEX Mini-Trials August 2015 The Wessex Region held a very successful Training and Mini-Trials weekend in August with special classes followed by a short endurance course.

Two dogs also gained their Instinct Certificates: Katharine Midgley's Indo and Andy Pratt's Deny.

With thanks to Ann Hurst for these photgraphs


Class Dog Handler Award Groom/Whip
Carriage Dog (Groom Handler) Hugo Wendy Ridley 1st Gemma Goldup
Carriage Dog (Groom Handler) Dixie Mike Cleland 2nd Kayti Harvey
Carriage Dog(Groom Handler) Flekk Kenny Hurst 3rd Angela Cherrington
Carriage Dog(Groom Handler) - on lead Finn Caroline Hicks 1st Kayti Harvey
Carriage Dog(Groom Handler) - on lead Delila Natasha Fillingham 2nd Gemma Goldup
Carriage Dog(Groom Handler) - on lead Blue Trudie Phillips 3rd Lorna Hullah
Road Dog Fifi Caroline Scott 1st  
Road Dog Sasha Lisa Rowledge 2nd  
Mini-Trials organisers Vicky Brennan and Josi Kaal.
Natasha Fillingham with Delilah.
Caroliine Scott and Fifi in the hock exercise.
Caroline Hicks with Finn in the stay exercise.
Flekk with his owner and handler Kenny Hurst.
Wendy Ridley's Hugo at in the axle position.
Lisa Rowledge with Sasha in the stay exercise.
Mike Cleland with Dixie.
Natasha Fillingham's Delilah at the wheel.
Andy Pratt with Deny going through his Instinct test.
Katharine Midgley has a go to give her dog Indi an Instinct test.
Trudie Phillips with her rescue dog Blue on the marathon course with Lorna Hullah driving her pony pair Bob & Taz, 11.1hh Welsh Section A's.

The "Spotted in Wessex" Training events are well under way with a series of successful sessions seeing lots of new Dalmatians starting their carriage dog training, as well as some who just can't resist returning to the sport. And don't they look good!? With thanks, as always, to the volunteer drivers who make the groom handling of carriage dogs possible. These pictures show Hannah King with Leo the Shetland, Veronique Veness with her lovely pony pair Micky and Benjamin Bunny, and Jane Hendy who is practising whip handling of her dog driving Tiff her welsh section B pony. Thanks very much to Ann Hurst for the photos.

Justine and Molly.
Josi Kaal with Lemmy.

And from December's session:

Caroline Hicks with Finn.
Chris Bryant and Theo.
Jane Hendy whip handling with Bella.
Kenny Hurst and Flekk.
Natasha Fillingham with Talula.
Tori Evans with Loki.
Trudi with Jake. (Jake has very sadly died unexpectedly since his training day. Looking at these pictures, and others you will find on the Society's Facebook page you can see he was clearly a natural carriage dog with a strong instinct. A lovely dog taken young. RIP Jake.