To promote and celebrate the endurance capabilities of the Dalmatian


To highlight the importance of sufficient exercise for the breed

To encourage and reward Dalmatian owners to take part in activities that give their dogs plenty of exercise

What is the programme about

The programme involves owners and their dogs covering increasing distances together. Mileage can be recorded for any approved activity or combination of activities. The minimum mileage that can be recorded at any one time is five miles. This is to ensure that the programme is focused on and recognises the endurance capabilities of the dog.

DaliMiles offers owners an alternative to competition against others, by providing an opportunity to gain an award that celebrates their efforts by working in partnership with their dogs. The table below shows those amazing dogs who, with their owners, have achieved "Long Distance" or "Galloping Dally" status, having clocked up a massive 2,000 or 3,000 miles.

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Lucy Williams achieved her Long Distance Dally award with Pebbles in 2016. She recently wrote "Thank you so much for your support and encouragement over the years. I am just so glad that I heard about the Dalimiles programme from my auntie, it is so fantastic. We’ll keep logging our miles and see how far we get."

Look at the lovely pictures here http://www.charleswhittonphotography.com/search.html?search=CC564

Lucy Williams with Pebbles on a 10 mile cani-cross run in October 2015
Rescue girl Mollie owned by Maggie and Ron Gallop doing a lovely sit stay at the 2008 trials. Maggie Gallop was instrumental in drawing up the DaliMiles programme for the Society.

    DaliMiles Awards  
Dog Owner Long Distance Galloping
    2,000 miles 3,000 miles
Amber Jo Greenland CONGRATULATIONS!  
Jasper Stuart Greenland CONGRATULATIONS!
Lizzie Mary Kinsey & Tony Fincham CONGRATULATIONS  
Eddie Mary Kinsey & Tony Fincham 'CONGRATULATIONS  
Splash Miranda Purves CONGRATULATIONS!  
Penny Patch Cynthia Styles-Forsythe CONGRATULATIONS!  

Here Maggie Gallop presents the first ever DaliMiles certificate to Daphne (as you can see, she is shaking her paw!) at the Dalmatian Welfare Fun Day owned and trained by Cynthia Styles-Forsythe. This is even more of an achievement as Daphne is a veteran at 7 years old.
Stuart Greenland's Jasper and Amber - also the first Dalmatians to be Galloping Dallies at 2,000 miles each.
Stuart Greenland with his dogs Jasper and Amber - the first Dalmatians to reach Long Distance Dallie status.